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Apple TV 4K skip or next chapter command not available



  • Kalai

    Hi Cary Suttles,

    Apologize for the trouble and thank you for bringing this up. I have forwarded the issue to our data team and will get back to you once they provide further update on this.



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  • Quibit

    In the meantime you can create a sequence (under Buttons>Screen Options) to replicate the skip buttons. Skip back would be Pause>Left arrow>Play and skip forward as Pause>Right arrow>Right arrow>Right arrow>Play. Doesn't work on YouTube though, but you can customize the amount of time skipped. Also set your inter-key delay to at least 0.4 seconds so the software can keep up with the hardware. 

    Also Logitech, how about all the other AppleTV Bluetooth commands that are missing? This should be the default control method for AppleTV. 

    1. Search
    2. Closed Captioning
    3. Reboot (hold down Menu+Home)
    4. Some way to close an app after double clicking Home
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  • Dennis Levens

    I am disappointed that something as popular as the Apple TV 4K is still so poorly supported. Bluetooth is not default, you have to hunt for some beta device to get it on and then none of the buttons are mapped. Simple commands like skip forward and back are not setup for you. 

    Why is Logitech so far behind on supporting the most populate streaming device out there? So frustrating. 

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  • Cary Suttles

    Yeah, I can't imagine more than 1 out of 10 people has any hope of getting as close as I have to usable functionality. I'm pretty self reliant and use the internet to figure out my own issues, but I've found myself wondering what I am missing. Most people are not capable or willing to go this far just to get a remote working. Seems like AppleTV is one of the leading products that would be supported. Maybe not quite he volume of Roku or FireTV because of the price, but I would guess most people aren't spending more on the remote than they do for the device they are trying to control.



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