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MacOS: Bluetooth Devices not working on Login Screen while FileVault is enabled.




  • Official comment

    Hi Dog Friend,


    Thank you for reaching Logitech! We deeply apologize for not providing a prompt response.

    As what Samuel mentioned, the concern is with the OS itself. The steps are also included in this article.

    If you have further inquiry, please do not hesitate to reach back to us or contact our support team for direct assistance.




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  • Sam0927

    There are several posts here, on Apple communities, Reddit, and mac rumors forums over the years complaining about various Logitech keyboards and mice products not working via Bluetooth at the FileVault login screen.  Logitech won’t or can’t fix it.  The Apple ones like you said work fine because I have them too.

    I use the Logitech craft keyboard and Mx master 2s with my MacBook Pro with FileVault using the unifying receiver for the keyboard, it’s plugged into a mini usbc dock that has a usb a port.  The mouse is set to Bluetooth since I might use the mouse with the laptop when not at my desk.  The mouse doesn’t work at login and I only need the keyboard when I’m at my desk so it works for me.

    These are the options I have found...

    1. Disable FileVault on the Mac and the keyboard and mouse will work at login with bluetooth.  
    2. Use the Logitech unifying receiver and the keyboard and mouse will work at login with FileVault enabled. 
    3. Use the Apple keyboard and Magic Mouse if you want to use Bluetooth and FileVault without dongles.


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  • DogFriend

    Dear Samuel,

    Thanks for clarifying. You are perfectly right, it seems that the FileVault login screen is BIOS-based and no OS drivers are loaded at this early stage. Only Apple genuine bluetooth hardware can be used, or other USB-based wired hardware. Since the unifying dongle emulates an USB cable connection, the dongle will work, too.

    n.b.: even Apple genuine hardware may have to be connected ONCE with a cable after turning FileVault on. The BIOS then memorizes the Apple Mouse / Keyboard for all future log-ins. This feature is not available for logitech products, however.

    After macOS has made it past the FileVault login, the bluetooth drivers will become active and all 3rd-party BT hardware will be reachable, too. Maybe not a big issue for macBook users, since their genuine keyboard / touchpad is built-in.

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  • Bo Chu

    Even a $20 insignia Bluetooth Mouse can connect without any issues.

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  • Guilherme Lima

    @Logi_Matt, this is not acceptable.

    This is really a shame for a keyboard at this price range.

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