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Logitech Capture won't install




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    Jennifer D

    Hi there,

    Thanks for reaching out. We apologize for the delay in getting back to you and I see that its been a long time since you posted this query. If you are still having this issue, please do let us know and we will help you out.

    Feel free to get back to us if you have any further clarification and we will be happy to assist you.


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  • Jennifer Ray

    Well again.  I'm typing this for the 2nd time.  Couldn't get mine to work either.  Bought on Wednesday.  Spent four hours trying to figure it out.  Wouldn't download.  Doesn't come with instructions.  Youtube videos don't get into this part of it.  Only how to plug in back and hang on your screen.  The logitech quick start guide looks nothing like this when I ri ght click.  The only way I was able to right click is because a wonderful tech sent me a link.  Two days later, I'm suppose to do a webcam interview.  Doesn't work.  Even without the interview it now only records black, no sound.  Have no idea what to do.  Tech help doesn't open until Monday morning.

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  • Suzanne Leece

    the same thing is happening to me. The weird thing is that I got this webcam at Christmas time, installed it with no issues and have been using it ever since for Skype. All of a sudden the Capture software disappeared and will not re-install. I get the exact same error message posted above. I sent in a ticket and got no reply. There is a chat bot in the bottom right corner of my screen - tried that with no reply either. 


    Very poor support!!!

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  • Data GTI

    Same error!

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  • dennisgentry9687

    Similar issue with capture. It installs and I can use the c920 but when I try to use it  the next day I have to download and install capture again. I file a ticket with support and was emailed a link to reset a Google password that they said was tied to the logi account. The link expired in one hour so it was expired when I checked my email. I have tried to file more tickets and use that damn chat bot with no success or response for at least a week now. Frustrated but determined!

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  • Gerrit T

    same on issue win7 64 and my 920 -
    it worked probably before for a few weeks but thetn by accident i needed to reinstall the logitech webcam software, because of mixed updating from different LWS(50+51) versions.
    Webcam software is recognizing c920 again, all settings are adjustable and working.

    Capturepops up from  time to time after reboot and wants to install -
    (endless loop :neither Reboot nor Cancel Install Process will solve issue.

    I read some advice to deactivate Firewall and antivirus protection completly,

     uninstall all logitech software  ( even in device manager: uninstall USB Controller, Audio, - Video, - Gamecontroller & Image processing devices).
    and then start over again with
    1. Install Capture
    2. Logitech Webcam Software (LWS 251)


    P:S maybe this has something to do with issue too- (last paragraph of the sheet0 



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  • Garin Danner

    Not sure what's up with the tech support here. OP was 4 months ago.

    Anyway, came here with the same problem after an update. Right-clicking on the downloaded app, and selecting "Run As Administrator" solved it for me. No need to disable AV or Firewall.

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  • Colten Palkon

    Don't bother with the fire wall! open the file location C:\Program Files\Logitech\LogiCapture\bin\cef3_3440 and delete LigiCapture.bp.exe.manifest (size of 2KB). Then run the logi capture app again and it will ask you to update the app but do not as the removal of this exe file won't let it. You will now have a working version without some minor things like such as logging in. 

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