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LGHUB Agent CPU and Memory Usage



  • Adrian Aiello

    I've just noticed this myself, i have G703,G935,G915 Just playing a game and cpu usage jumped up to 90% ! made the game stutter, went to task manageer and LG HUB Agent was using 70% of my 9700k, Logitech what the hell are you playing at this issue has been going on and on, I'll be returning all these products whether in or out of warranty due to your faulty software, why has this not been fixed yet.

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  • Aart o__O

    same for me i got a new pc with logitech stuff but i can still return it all to the shop, at first i was thinking yeah we can fix this but this problem is going on for a long time this is from 7 months ago, im fine with using corsair or razor too, this post is made 11 days ago, ill give it just 3 more days or its bye bye logitech its realy a shame for a company this big

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  • Zhenocnra


    This is absolutely ridiculous. It should NOT even be near 60-90% CPU usage at all. What possible reason would Logitech have to allow this to EVER occur?

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  • Evaldas Augutis

    Not only CPU and RAM. Scanned for bigger folders on PC,  and found that LGHUB somehow managed to take 1.26 GB absolutely for nothing (I just set fixed light on keyboard via that piece of    software)

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  • Sha S

    Hi Evaldas,

    I request you to clean the boot and uninstall and reinstall the Logitech G HUB software. Please follow the steps from the link below to clean boot:

    Please follow the steps from the link below to uninstall and reinstall the G HUB software:

    The above should help you resolve the issue. Feel free to write back to us if the issue persists.
    Logi G Support

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