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BSOD with lvrs64.sys




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    Balaji P

    Hi Zachary, thanks for reaching out to Logitech. We apologize for delay in response. Kindly share us the product/webcam details you are currently using, so that I can assist you further.

    Thanks for choosing Logitech, have a good day.

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  • Zachary Gerber

    We have multiple users that are experiencing the same issue. All three are using Windows computers running Windows 10 1909 (10.0.18363). The issue only started recently and has happened during Zoom calls. Each time, the system shows a SYSTEM_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED blue screen, and shows the lvrs64.sys component as the cause of the crash.


    Two users have C920 webcams and another has C310. Two users are using Zoom version 5.1.27830, and another only shows Zoom version 5.1. We are not sure how we can update the webcam drivers or firmware.

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  • Robbert Geers

    I have the same problem for a while now. Probably 1-2 months. Windows 10 with a C525 camera here. I'm mostly using Skype meetings and MS Teams. Very annoying since some workdays are filled with conference calls. Crash occurs several times a week, sometimes a week goes by without SYSTEM_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED BSOD.

    I just tried to find a driver update on this site but all i could find was 'Logitech camera settings' which i now installed. The driver date is still on 22-10-2012 version 13.80.853.0 so it did not update while installing 'Logitech camera settings'.  I'll follow this thread to see if a fix comes up.

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  • Дмитрий Попов

    И у меня такая же проблема.

    После перезагрузки появляется окно.

    Файл %LocalAppData%\Temp\WER-37643-0.sysdata.xml не найден, наверное его CCleaner удалила.

    ссыллка на оба дампа памяти! Annp68pu5y-6wXzqmfNp540gVUAv?e=ms0Art

    анализ дампа памяти грешит на драйвер к веб-камере. Результат анализа:

    Имя файла : lvrs64.sys

    Адрес в стеке : lvrs64.sys+165d

    С адреса : fffff880`024ec000

    По адрес : fffff880`02540000

    Размер : 0x00054000

    Метка времени : 0x505cb9b9

    Строка времени : 21.09.2012 23:02:17

    Название продукта : Logitech Webcam Software

    Описание файла : Logitech Kernel Audio Improvement Filter Driver

    Версия файла : 13.51.823.0

    Компания : Logitech Inc.

    Полный путь : C:\Windows\system32\drivers\lvrs64.sys


    Где нормальный драйвер можно скачать?

    Моя почта

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  • Aleksey Odmen

    Having the same issue with a C270 model.
    Everything is just how Robbert Geers described.
    Waiting for a new driver, which supports latest Windows 10 releases.

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