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Logitech Flight Peripherals Not Functioning with FS2020



  • Squeaky Cheese

    Same here, unable to get any life from them whatsoever

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  • William Dorrell

    Another voice here in the dark looking for drivers.

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  • Francois Desfosses

    same here

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  • Basil9070

    Please check out the link below and add your comments there.


    This is a quote from one of the posts there and is the official response from support at logitech.


    "Your request was reviewed by the appropriate team and their answer was that there is no update of the plugin for the 2020 version.

    We don’t want you to be stuck with them, so if you like we can start the procedure for returning the products.

    In this case, please, provide me the information below:"

    Get the word out to all your contacts in the simming world and inform them not to buy these panels because they flat out do not work and will not until logitech fix it which clearly they are not going to


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