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[Feature request] Make MX Keys easy switch the mouse too




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    Dear Customers,

    It is not possible to use one Easy Switch button to at the same time change both your mouse and keyboard to a different computer/device.

    We do understand that this is a feature that a lot of customers would like. If you are switching between Apple macOS and/or Microsoft Windows computers, we offer Flow. Flow allows you to control multiple computers with a Flow-enabled mouse. Flow automatically switches between computers by moving your cursor to the edge of the screen, and the keyboard follows.

    In other cases where Flow is not applicable, one Easy Switch button for both mouse and keyboard might look like a simple answer. However, we cannot guarantee this solution at the moment, as it is not easy to implement.

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  • Markus Malik

    Great idea! Same problem here. I thought this would be standard - but i can`t find anything in the Logitech software to set this up.

    This would even more useful than Flow.

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  • Balaji P

    Hi Wabs, thank you for reaching out to Logitech. We apologize for delay in response. We appreciate you the product feedback, we will inform this to our development and keep you posted in future.

    Thanks for choosing Logitech, have a good day.

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  • Wim Weltjens

    This would be great,I was about to post his myself. I am really looking forward to having this.

    One remark though, it should be faster and more stable than logitech flow. Currently i am just not using the mouse on the second pc because it has a touchpanel. This is not ideal for excel though.


    (setup: mx master 2 and mxkeys on 2x windows 10) 



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  • Philipp S

    I was confused, that this is not enabled by default, and couldn't believe, that this isnt activatable via Logitech OPTIONS.

    This is the missing link when you don't want to use Flow to switch 

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  • Cyrus Heick

    Oh man... same thing as above, I've got a desktop on my home network and a work laptop that connects via VPN. I just got the MX keys and MX master 3 and my workspace feels much more professional now, but this is the last feature I need to make things perfect. It's just that little inconvenience of having to reach under the mouse to toggle when everything else with the setup feels absolutely premium.

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  • Chris R

    Balaji P has there been any progress on this? Just got an MX Keys and MX Master 3 and I'm considering returning them if this is not a feature. Having to turn over my mouse just to switch both seems like an oversight on such great products.

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  • Nathan Burch

    This feature would be massive for my productivity.  I use my MX Keys and Master 3 when switching between a Mac and iPad.  With the device switch button being on the bottom of the mouse, being able to have the keyboard swap the mouse over as well would be very beneficial!

    Searching various forms on the internet, it appears this is a feature that many want.  If it helps I can put together a list of links from various Reddits and forums that I've seen this request.



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  • Jekyll1886

    I purchased both devices, Mx Keys and Mx Master 3 and I am a bit confused by the advertisement and disappointed at the end. Whereas the easy-switch button is well implemented on the keyboard, it's not on the mouse.

    I'm working with 3 computers at the same time and some of them are restricted from installing 3rd party software, so Flow is not an option.

    Changing computers for both keyboard and mouse at the same time with the MX Keys buttons would be a game changer and I think it's not a big deal to develop.

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  • Jose Maria Herrero

    I recently purchased Mx Keys and Mx Master 3, I use Windows and Linux and there is no version of Flow for Linux, please add the function to switch the mouse automatically when you change the keyboard device.

    Make devices comunicate bettween them maybe is difficult, but the devices can already receive data from the computer, for instance I use Solaar for linux and you can change scrolling speed, so it will be implementing a new command from the keyboard to inform that is going to switch channel and other to make the mouse switch to that same channel (maybe is even already implemented

    The forum is full of people complaining abount this missing feature, probably it's the most wanted one, please if you do it make it compatible with Linux or disclose the documentation for others to implement it.

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  • Anil Nandam

    Make MX Keys easy to switch the mouse too or vice versa. That will be a great feature.

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  • Chris Michael

    Please consider this feature a priority. I upgraded to a Master 3 mouse with the MX Keys because I assumed this feature would be included

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  • Łukasz Partyka

    I have the same problem, I thought maybe it is possible to assign one of the buttons on the mouse to switching receiver but its also impossible.

    I'm switching between PC and an iPad, so I can't install a Flow software on the latter.

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  • Ben Weiss

    same issue here. What is the point of having this unifying devices if I have to pick it up and click the little button each time. Very clunky. Not the reason I bought these two devices. Might return if you cant fix. 

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  • Naveen Moses

    Same here guys, I have a work laptop that connects through VPN. Would be a great feature and I really don't want to make the mouse a turtle! And these are expensive stuff and I believe it is possible technically!


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  • Bogdan Alexandru Ciutea

    Agree. It's so weird that this feature is missing. I would prefer it to the flow application most of the time, due to the annoyance i get when i hover the other computer by mistake. Big disappointment

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  • Oscar Mata

    Agreed,  I spent close to 200 dollars (mx keys & mx master 3)  for this exact feature because it specifically mentioned support for linux, mac and windows.  

    This keyboard and mouse combo mentioned Linux support and i come to find out there is no support.  You can't use FLOW without the application...  

    The keyboard should have the option to switch natively for both mouse and keyboard together.  

    Now does that work?  yeah but the mouse won't switch over but then again that doesn't work on any of the Operating systems.. not without Flow anyway. 

    And I probably would have gotten by if the button to switch was actually on the mouse.  Instead the designers added the button switch option on the bottom of the mouse.  So i have to flip the mouse over to switch the control... what a stupid design call.   

    This product line has such potential..  but honestly what a HUGE let down.  

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  • daveman235

    Please add this feature, I'm really surprised it hasn't already been added. It should be as simple as pressing the button on the keyboard to switch both. Very cumbersome setup for customers that have both of these products and are using them together. 


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  • Srdjan Kostic

    Support this feature useful feature. Please.

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  • Justin Wright

    Please implement this ASAP!!!!

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  • Pierre Renard

    Hello Support, for sure the feature to switch mouse and keyboard from the Easy-Switch Key would be a HUGE FEATURE. Please keep us updated when it will be available!

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  • Vlad Radoiu

    Any news on this? Can't believe this is not yet implemented.

    In these times more and more people are working from home and use at least 2 PCs (personal + work). Logitech Options is NOT an option every time (can't install and use it on a VPN connected work laptop for example).

    The unifying receiver is great, the individual pieces of hardware (MX Keys and MX Master) are great, but there is the missing link between those.

    We need to have the ability to link them together so the keyboard device switch also switches the mouse.

    As you can see the influx of requests for this feature is increasing every day, is it in development yet? Some feed back would be great.

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  • Lee Powell

    Agreed - this feature really is needed.

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  • JoMa

    Any news? I love my mxmaster and mxkeys but this feature would be awesome. 

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  • Stefan Kaht

    It is so bothering - all the time switching at bottom of the mice - 50 times a day - this is key for home office. Flow is not working between work laptops and private ones.

    You could even implement a shortcut feature in options that I can put on a button to: switch the pc via mxkeys swap button and that auto switches e.g. the same device nr on the mxMaster.

    Your hardware is great but nothing without useful software - please make that happen and help all the people that suffer every day just to be productive? thx

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  • Nille af Ekenstam

    This feature would be great for us who runs at least one linux workstation (where there is no option to run Flow). Please add it.

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  • Xavier C

    Balaji P we really need this feature I can't believe Logitech didn't think of this workflow yet...

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  • Sebastian Tkaczyk

    How is it possible that it doesn't work that way now?

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  • Xavier Le Cunff

    Issue opened 3 months ago, we don't deserve to only get an automatic answer. That's a shame!

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  • Drew Bostock

    OMG yes!!! THIS.

    I've reverted to having a second mouse on my desktop so I can click the button on the MX Keys and then just use the other mouse instead of turning my MX Master 3 over and clicking the single button multiple times to the right connection.

    Often my computers are on two separate networks (one one a VPN), so Flow won't work in that circumstance.

    When my computers are on the same network, I've found Flow to be very unreliable. I use the "Hold Ctrl and move to the edge of the screen" method to prevent unintended transfers, but the amount of time I spend holding Ctrl and mashing the mouse against the side of the screen over and over to get it to switch leaves me saying bad words.

    Stop the bad words, Logitech. Please?

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