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[Feature request] Make MX Keys easy switch the mouse too




  • Eric Cirone

    I'm surprised this is not available as well. Please add!

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  • Martin Smith

    Unless there is a reason why you can't make this work, PLEASE make this work.

    Tomorrow would be good.

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  • Bogdan Botea

    It's kind of stupid that this necessity is not implemented. 
    I have to flip the mouse every time I switch to other PC and click a button. 

    (PS: The flow does not apply to my scenario, I have 2 monitors connected to 3 computers and switch the display from input)

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    Definitely as needed feature !

    Today it's very cumbersome to switch devices for the mouse and when switching the devices on the keyboard should support the switch for both the keyboard and the mouse automatically.

    And no, I cannot use flow because of security constrains I cannot install flow on my office laptop 

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  • Ryan Wilkerson

    As previous customers have said, this would be a wonderful feature to have supported. For many of us working from home due to COVID, we’re forced to work with corporate laptops that are tightly controlled by the IT Department. I.e., Flow is not a viable option. The number of times I’ve switched my mouse but not my keyboard (or vice versa) is frustrating and impacting productivity. Almost threw my mouse across the room today, purely out of frustration! ;-)

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  • Jacek Krawiec

    I have a quite long history with Logitech products: Marble mouse, cordless optical trackman, logitech g9, g13, diNovo keyboard, and now mx Keys + MX Master 3. 

    I must say that for the first time in years I'm so disappointed with Logitech product.

    I've decided to not return the mouse, but as many of you guys I've ended with using 2 mouse's on my desk - one for company computer and the other for private PC.

    Logitech wake up, I believe that many of us went for the easy switch option due to pandemic and permanent Home  Office.

    For the next purchase I will consider different company, and bare in mind that many of us that bought MX set, are asked by friends is it any good.

    Guess what on my side It costed you at least 2-3 new customers.


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  • unikeys

    Thanks for that. Very interesting and it seems simpler than Logi is making it out to be:

    See below post

    davidschreiber commented on 15 Apr 2020  


    I have been doing some raw command line sniffing of the USB commands sent by the Logitech software to the unifying receiver, and could switch both Craft keyboard and MX Masters 2S mouse (which are connected using the same unifying receiver) to any other channel(1, 2, or 3).

    For sniffing I used busdog:
    For sending raw USB commands I used USB-HID-Tool:

    I never did USB development, or protocol decoding, so my skills are fairly low on that end, but I'm still documenting what I found out so far.

    The logitech driver uses simple commands to the unifying receiver, that encode the index of the device connected to the unifying receiver (in my case 1 being the keyboard, and 2 being the mouse), as well as some commands.

    For example, this is one example for a command sent to the device:

    0x10 0x01 0x09 0x3a 0x00 0x00 0x00

    As far as I have seen, all commands start with 0x10 as the first byte. This is followed by one byte marking the device index (in case of the example 0x01). I would have expected the index to be 0-based, but in my case it was 1-based instead. I haven't checked it for other unifying receivers or computers yet, so it might be my specific setup (connected and disconnected quite often since I have the receiver).

    The next 2 bytes are different for each command. I assume that these two bytes encode the actual command, and I have been able to identify at least some commands:

    Channel switching

    0x0810 through 0x081f cause the receiving device to switch channel (1,2,3). The command is followed by 1 byte parameter, which encodes the channel to select using a 0-based number:

    10 [device index] 08 10 [channel index] 00 00 00

    I haven't figured out why Logitech uses a range of commands for switching, as I could spot no difference in behavior between any of the commands.

    For example, my computer sending this command, will make my keyboard (index 2) switch to the first channel:

    .\usbhidtool.exe 0x046D 0xC52B 0x10 0x02 0x08 0x10 0x00 0x00 0x00

    And this command switches my keyboard to the second channel instead:

    .\usbhidtool.exe 0x046D 0xC52B 0x10 0x02 0x08 0x10 0x01 0x00 0x00

    (The first two arguments to the tool are the VID and PID of the USB interface or endpoint, and not part of the protocol itself.)

    Here's another example, switching my mouse (index 1) to the first channel (channel index 0):

    .\usbhidtool.exe 0x046D 0xC52B 0x10 0x01 0x08 0x10 0x00 0x00 0x00

    When Flow switches my mouse and keyboard, among other things, it sends two commands to the unifying receiver:

    10 01 08 1f 01 00 00
    10 02 08 1e 01 00 00

    The first one switches my mouse to channel 2 (my other computer), the second command switches my keyboard.

    From everything I learned today, it should indeed be possible to write a small "driver extension" that switches devices at the same time


    Thanks everyone, I can finally switch seamlessly between my Linux machine/Windows laptop. I cant understand why Logitech have not implemented this in their own software, makes everything so much better:


    Linux machine is using solaar rule to switch both mouse and keyboard at the same time.
    Solaar sends:
    MX Keys from 1 to 2: 11 01 091E 01000000000000000000000000000000
    MX Master 3 from 1 to 2: 11 02 0A1C 01000000000000000000000000000000

    Windows machine, a .bat file executing:
    MX Keys from 2 to 1:
    hidapitester.exe --vidpid 046D:C52B --open --length 7 --send-output "0x10,0x02,0x09,0x11,0x00,0x00,0x00"
    MX Master 3 from 2 to 1:
    hidapitester.exe --vidpid 046D:C52B --open --length 7 --send-output "0x10,0x01,0x0a,0x11,0x00,0x00,0x00"

    MX Keys from 1 to 2:
    hidapitester.exe --vidpid 046D:C52B --open --length 7 --send-output "0x10,0x01,0x09,0x11,0x01,0x00,0x00"
    MX Master 3 from 1 to 2:
    hidapitester.exe --vidpid 046D:C52B --open --length 7 --send-output "0x10,0x02,0x0a,0x11,0x01,0x00,0x00"

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  • Saurav T

    Dear Customer,

    Our Enginnering team is working on this and this is a request from many customers so we will find the solution as soon as possible and you will be updated regarding this.


    Saurav T

    Logi Support

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  • Gyula Kovesdan

    Dear Logitech! Could you please make it real? It would be a huge help for all and I truly believe the youtube will blow up again when the tech stars will be notified about this very unique feature! It worth it...


    We can help you to make it known for our national youtube stars when it will be available. You only need to do it :) 


    Thank you in advance!


    Best regards and happy new year!


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  • Josh Larson

    +1 for this request!

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  • John Aranha

    OMG! Please add this function! I bought this combo mainly because I thought it already had it! I'd love to switch both MX Keys and MX Master with just the keyboard button from my Mac to my iPad and vice versa

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  • Eric Mette

    Adding my +1 for this request.

    I'm just as shocked as others that this isn't the case.

    Logitech Flow works...but not near as well as synergy.
    And I'd like to keep my desktop and laptop that I switch between on separate networks, as one is a work device and the other a personal one.

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  • phixxel

    Same here,

     got no clue how this could be not taken on consideration when the products were designed, to keep the functionality to switch 'whole set' not only the keyboard no the buttons, hope it will be software updated feature soon, flow works - this is plus but unfortunatelly when the PC's are in different networks this feature is not compatible, which is completly useless :/

     let us know if there are plans to implement this functionality ? if there isn't - I will have to sent MX mice back


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  • haanvin

    Much needed and obvious feature and the fact that this request has not picked up by logitech yet makes me believe that this may not be feasible with logitech options or firmware updates. 

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  • Michael Legeay

    And yet there is this duolink feature.

    Wouldn't it be possible to use Fn + easyswitch keys to switch both keyboard and mouse automatically?

    I'm a developer myself and I'd be very surprised Logitech didn't think of this feature. I know we have to draw a line somewhere but it's really obvious usage scenario (more than adding a light or proximity sensor to me, it's cool to have don't get me wrong but I could live without).

    Anyways, I have two computers but a single screen, flow won't be of any use in this configuration.

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  • S G


    A much needed feature that makes sense to be there.

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  • Craig Allen

    +1 for this.  When switching between a PC and Ian iPad, it would make life a lot easier.



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  • MarcelloCuoghi2568

    Yeah, I searched everywhere but didn't find anything about this function, it will be great having it, I thought there was already implemented but found when buying mouse and keyboard that didn't work as expected

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  • Karlo Lopez

    Hi, just want to raise hand here and say that this would be an amazing feature (that must be by default)

    I bought thinking this was possible.

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  • Vlad Radoiu

    MarcelloCuoghi2568 The MX devices (MX Keys, MX Master mouse) can be paired to a single Unifying Receiver together. Also you can have multiple Unifying Receivers, each with it's own profile.

    Let's say for example you have a MX Keys and MX Master:
    Profile 1 -> both paired to Receiver 1 (plugged in to computer 1)
    Profile 2 -> both paired to Receiver 2 (plugged in to computer 2)

    The implementation can be something like: if you switch the keyboard using Easy switch button to a profile that is paired to a Unifying Receiver, then if that receiver also has a MX series mouse paired to it -> then the receiver would send the switching signal to the mouse. 

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  • Cristi Solarii

    I'm typing this as my first thing on my mx keys and i'm extremely disappointed in this. everybody wanted and still wants this feature, this is the main reason i bought it, i though it would move the mouse too, that's how it's advertised ffs. There are very few people who wants to install flow, but for security reason some of us can't do that, our job won't allow us. This keyboard is mostly for programmers and professionals, therefor i thought that's how it works. There are other software out there that does that, and doesn't require mouse and keyboard for 2-300$ depending on the areas. As you see i love to type on this keyboard, but still having 2 mouses on my office doesn't make me happy at all. First time that i'm seeing logitech using deceptive marketing in a lot of years. Big fan of them, i have more then 2000$ worth in logitech gear, but this right here it's purely disappointing. I really hope you won't go big tech company style and ignore your customers, since we are paying premium prices for your products, please stop using missleading marketing. 

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  • Christian G.

    We now heard multiple times in this thread that the Logi Support will forward the massive feedback (1 year of non-stop complaints) or already has forwarded the word of the customer.

    However, what is going to happen? What is the roadmap? What is the impact? Is the Logi Support inside of Logitech seen? Is their word put into the software design planning?

    I mean, seeing one year of straight customer complaints with feedback the kind of "we hear you and forward" seems not to bring any value.

    So, again, I would like to know if I can buy from Logitech or not due to lacking advertised, essential features.

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  • Trevor Morgan

    Well Siddharth S from Logi Support, rest assured that you aren't providing your customers with the best products or experience, and neither are you providing them with good customer support.

    How many times have I seen your standard response that "you'll pass this on to the team" or "it's difficult" or some other bland answer but nothing else.

    Why not try something different, like showing these 13 pages of comments on the topic to your senior manager or head of product engineering and ask him to comment on this thread directly so they can get first hand experience of where they are clearly failing.

    Otherwise, send me their name(s) and we can all contact them directly.

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  • Floris Rijnhart

    Since Logitech is probably never going to make this happen, does anyone know a brand that does offer this feature? Thinking about throwing my MX Keys and MX Master 3 (should be a SET Logitech!) in the thrash for another brand that does offer this SIMPLE feature.

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  • Hieu Cao

    Please add this awesome feature!!!

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  • Grigori

    This feature is a must! Otherwise all info about MX Keys and Master 3 pair is just false advertisement!!!

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  • Stefan B

    I would appreciate this feature very much!! Thanks in advance

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  • Jacco Nieuwland

    Very surprised this is not a standard feature, it is cumbersome to have to lift the mouse up to switch to a different computer. One of them is a company-owned computer onto which I cannot install the logi options & flow software, so still have to switch manually. Please fix this ASAP!

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  • Diego Heer

    Please add this easy switch function! It's the perfect upgrade!

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  • ludovic dubois

    Need this upgrade ! i think its work but no ...

    1 Computer on VPN and the other dont match

    + impossible to download flow on the VPN Computer ...


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