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options software for mx keys: cannot configure foto-button




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    Jyothi Sequeira

    Thank you for writing to Logitech! This is firmware update tool. Please update the firmware.

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  • R. Lerntrainer

    I just bought the keyboard. So why an update? It must be more to the option software. If I press the photo button, the whole screen is always photographed.
    I'm looking for the setting that I can choose the photo area myself. Unfortunately, the options software does not show me this possibility.

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  • Saurav T

    Hi there,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    This feature is not possible with the photo button. Kindly press start+shift+S or assign this function to one of the F keys then select the area manually which you want to capture.


    Saurav T

    Logi support

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