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Link Keyboard and Mouse with Easy Switch Buttons



  • Raf Quintens

    Everytime there is an update of the logitech options software I'm hoping that this functionality is in the software.

    It is incredible that this feature still isn't in there. I am currently using Logitech Flow (together with the hold Ctrl Btn and move to the edge), but is not perfect. It would be so logical to just push the button on the keyboard and switch the 2 devices, instead of also turning over your mouse and pushing another button. 

    Please logitech engineers, come up with a solution. As a software developer I understand that hardware updates are necessary if you would want this functionality without extra software but it should be possible using the current hardware by elevating the functionality in logitech options software.

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  • David Brenner

    This... 100% this this this.

    One of the computers I use my keyboard and mouse on is locked down and I can't use flow with it. So I must flip the mouse and touch it's belly to switch between computers.

    I don't know why I thought getting the keyboard would help with this, but I did. I would not have purchased the keyboard at all if I had known up front that the buttons on the keyboard wouldn't make the mouse switch, too. I was totally expecting this to work similar to a KVM switch I used to use.

    The keyboard arrived yesterday. I hooked it up today. And now I'm sorely disappointed. That's what I get for ASSuming.

    Waste. Of. Money.

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