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Circle View Doorbell constantly getting "Motion Detected" notifications when there is no motion.



  • Steve Newman

    I too have this problem. Would be nice for support to respond to these issues. Maybe their “delayed response” to support calls would be improved since we wouldn’t have to call them about common problems… Oh, and maybe the product group could spend more time fixing the problems instead of having to do extra debugging for support.

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  • Wendell Thompson

    I was able to fix my problem by factory resetting the HomeKit hub, in my case a HomePod. Hope this helps!

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  • Ron Pierce

    I have had a similar issue, but noticed that it only happened in the evening and stopped when we went on vacation. I realized it only happened when I was actively using the Apple TV that was configured as home hub. Luckily I have another Apple TV that is rarely used to act as home hub and the alerts stopped when I transferred to it, but I’d really like a more permanent solution.

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