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Circle View Camera WiFi Does Not Auto Reconnect



  • BP9906

    I got more troubleshooting done and I see the device (still shows offline in HomeKit) is actually connected via Wi-Fi to the network.  I believe the issue is that the camera is no longer properly communicating with HomeKit.  All other devices are working in HomeKit, lights, garage doors, other cameras, automations, etc. I believe there’s something faulty with the HomeKit communications for the camera and the HomeKit hubs.  I attempted forcing my HomeKit hub to switch (have multiple hubs for redundancy which Apple supports) and that had no effect on the camera (and again all other devices work properly).  I finally power cycled the camera and its back up and running.  Something’s up with the firmware for sure.  I’m running 8.2.64 version. 

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  • 紘齊 許

    我也發生一樣的情形。(I have the same situation.)


    我的是顯示已離線後,就再也不會自動連線了,需要整台攝影機恢復原廠設定才能連線,但是過沒多久又重複發生了,我使用其他廠牌都不會發生這個狀況。(Mine is displayed as offline, it will no longer be automatically connected, and the entire camera needs to be restored to the original factory settings to connect, but it happens again and again after a while, and I don't use other brands.

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