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How can I get the Logitech H600 out of bluetooth mode?



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    Hey there,

    Thank you for reaching out. We request you to try the below-mentioned steps and check if this helps you to resolve the issue:
    1. Unplug then re-plug the USB receiver
    2. Try other USB 2.0 port on your computer. Don't use a USB hub.
    3. Go to device manager, do you see any hardware with errors?
    Control Panel > device manager > sound, video. If there is, Right click and uninstall all the headset. Restart your computer.
    4. Make sure you have the H600 selected as the audio output device (see your computer's documentation for help).
    5. Check that the application you're using is configured to use the headset as its audio output device (see the application's documentation for help).
    6. Make sure the receiver is connected to a USB port that isn't behind any large objects (ex. a desk or desktop PC).
    7. Connect the headset to a USB port with the charging cable — it may not have enough battery power.

    In case you need any additional support, please write back to us.

    Logi Support

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