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Circle view doorbell not sending notifications when doorbell is pressed




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    Praveen R

    Hi there,

    Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear about your experience with our product.

    We'd love to keep the conversation going directly with the Support Team. So, I will now go ahead and create a new ticket for you.The team will review your case and will be in touch via email as soon as possible. Do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions as the team follows up or in the meantime as the conversation continues there.

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  • Shawn Llewellyn

    Hi Drake have you setup notifications under the door bell settings in HomeKit? Open up the doorbell feed and click the top left cog wheel the go to notifications. If that docent work then go to settings under iOS and school down to notification and go to HomeKit and setup that way. Hope this helps you out.

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  • Drake Thomas

    Hey Shawn,

    Yes. Notifications are enabled under HomeKit in my phone’s settings, and also they’re enabled in the settings of the doorbell itself. I receive alerts at nighttime when the doorbell detects motions the way I have it setup, but it’s not sending a notification when button is pressed.

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  • pudge

    Same thing happening to me. How did you resolve this? Did it get resolved?

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