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Using Capture with 2 webcams




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    Praveen R

    Hi there, thanks for following up on your case. We'd love to keep the conversation going directly with the Support Team. The team has reviewed your case and will be in touch via email as soon as possible. Do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions as the team follows up or in the meantime as the conversation continues there.

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  • Leather Pig

    The problem is not with the old webcam because it was working perfectly before I installed your new drivers. That means that YOUR SOFTWARE broke the functionality that your old software provided. If you are going to force someone to update drivers, you should be responsible for ensuring that you don't break people's existing systems. If you are incapable of doing so, you should at least allow users to return to the old drivers that worked. 

    Support literally told me that because the WebCam Pro 9000 is old and is only rated for Windows Vista, it won't work in Windows 10. Which is absolutely and totally inaccurate and cheap way to hide from taking responsibility for the fact that your new software is terrible and rendered my other webcam obsolete, not Windows.

    And the thing is that it takes so long to get a response from Logitech that I eventually gave up as I have with my 6 Logitech keyboards (drivers and software don't work), the three previous Logitech Webcam 920's I have owned, the 6 mice that I own. After such abysmal support from Logitech, you learn to just look elsewhere for help.

    I would really like to provide customer testimonial but I'm afraid it's a lot like pissing yourself in a dark colored suit: You feel all warm but nobody notices Your customer surveys are "Support Theater" at best. I will, however, be reviewing all of the products that I have and pointing out the terrible support, the messed up driver update policies, and the complete dismay I feel for having to use Logitech hardware. I will post my explicit review on every tech site possible.

    If there was a single competitor, I would leave and never look back. I'd even pay more money to someone else just to be done with Logitech. 

    Sorry for my tone, but it just really is shameful to be the best in the market and the worst at the exact same time. Worst support, worst software, but best hardware. How does that happen besides gross incompetence at some level?

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