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    Pooja B

    Hi Cyrus, thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear about the experience with MX Keys + MX Master 3. We'd love to help open a case to provide a solution directly over email. 

    Thanks so much, and looking forward to getting you in touch with the team.

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  • JoMa

    Hi @Pooja Bisht can’t you provide a solution to all of us? I think a lot of people here bought the MX keys and MX Mouse combo especially for the advertised flow to easy switch devices what in reality doesn’t work. In my option it’s a false marketing statement. Why can’t you implement the requested feature to switch keyboard and mouse with the press of one easy switch button on the keyboard? Or at least give a technical explanation why it’s not possible?

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  • Sindhu M

    Hello All,

    This is really a great suggestion and we will pass this along to our Engineering team. However, we cannot make any promise at this moment as we do not comment on our future updates. Please refer the below link for more information and also keep checking our Logitech website for more update:

    Sindhu M
    Logi Support

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