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Unable to reset Circle View Doorbell




  • Official comment

    Hello Vishal,

       We apologize for the delayed response, please make sure that the USB brick you are using has at least 5v and 2a output. You can find this information written on the brick usually around the prongs. Some bricks have very small writing so you may need to take an image to zoom in to read the writing. Also, try with a different micro-USB cable. 

       Please be aware that even if your brick works with other devices if it doesn't meet the electrical specs needed for the doorbell you will get behaviors like you are experiencing. 

    Best regards,

    Logitech Circle Team


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  • Vishal Warke

    Will someone please respond to this request? Thanks!

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  • David Abercrombie

    No. Logitech will not respond to your question. They will thank you for asking and maybe open a ticket and then you’ll never hear from them again. This support page has many inquiries from Circleview doorbell owners who are having issues that continue to go absolutely unaddressed by Logitech. The MO seems to be to just ignore their customers. We probably should’ve bought a different brand but so many of us were lured by what appeared to be a commitment to HomeKit, which we all trusted.

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  • Manny

    I have exactly the same problem. I have to change the WiFi router and now I can connect it back to the internet or set it up on Homekit.  Just a month from bought it. I follow the intrusion to reboot it on the house power and USB power. None of them work. Greenlight breathe means Connecting to the wireless network, yet the doorbell can't have a hardware reboot. I can't call or replace the product with a new one because I buy it online. What a way of making me lost money! 

    Completely disillusioned forever from Logitech.

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