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Circle View - No Response




  • Official comment

    Hello Salon Tao,

    I've reached out directly to assist you with this issue but wanted to post the information for others that have posted here as well. 

    -Reboot your Homehub and your Router.

    -We suggest only having one homehub set as primary, and all others set to standby, if possible please attempt to reserve a Static IP for your primary homehub.

    -Attempt to reserve a static IP for your Doorbell unit, this can be done under the DHCP settings for your specific router.

    -Log out of your iCloud and back in.

    Best regards,

    Logitech Circle Team


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  • Cellendril

    Same issue with my Circle View Doorbell. 

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  • Erik Tollefsrud

    I was in basically the same boat as the Salon Tao. What worked for me was to unplug my AppleTV (4th Gen), then remove the Doorbell from HomeKit, and then re-add it. After that the doorbell has never given me the "No Response" message. After a few days of the doorbell working great, I decided to try resetting the AppleTV (Go into Settings > General > Reset). The doorbell is still working great even with the AppleTV back up and running.


    Bottomline is, I think the AppleTV being a HomeKit hub was causing the issue. The AppleTV isn't the only HomeKit hub (I have three HomePod minis, and an iPad, but it was only the AppleTV that I removed from the network as I reconnected my Circle Doorbell).


    Anyway, hope that helps you or anyone else.

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