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Logitech Circle Doorbell hot and goes offline




  • Official comment

    Hi Peter,
    I opened up a ticket for you so we can look into what might be causing the Doorbell issue.
    Please be on the look out for my email.

    Best Regards
    Tim C
    Circle Doorbell Customer Care


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  • tz

    I just finished removing and re-adding it yet again. The doorbell has gotten so hot that the code on the back has faded making it hard to scan. I put it back on the 2.4 ghz network again. Not sure what I’ll do when the code fades so much that it can longer can be read.

    I moved the wifi access point to the window right next to the doorbell so now it’s only about three feet away.

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  • Hector Olivera

    Same issue for me. Received mine yesterday, installed it at night, couldn’t get it to stay connected for more than 30min. It’s quite hot when I remove it, way more than the Ring doorbell it’s replacing ever got.
    It does connect back when I use it, which makes me believe the heat is the issue - there is a caution message in Logi’s installation website regarding disconnection due to heat if it gets direct sunlight… but again mine was installed at night.
    I let it cool overnight and installed it this morning, thinking it could be the floodlight drawing too much power. Even with the light off, no direct sun, it disconnected itself about 30min after.
    Should I return the unit? Is this a common issue?
    Looking forward for some guidance/help.

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  • tz

    I found it by moving a Wi-Fi base station within 3 feet of the doorbell just inside the window next to it this seems to stop it from getting hot. The other day one of my cats knocked the plug out at the base station and when the doorbell connected to a base station about 30 feet away and it got hot I and shut off. 

    so it seems to have something to do with the  Wi-Fi signal even though the Wi-Fi signal showed strong at the doorbell.

    Are you able to download its logs? 
    No mater what device I try from it always returns an error so I’ve been unable to view its logs. 

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  • Kelly Furbee

    Same issue for me and I have posted about it on another thread on this forum with zero reach out from Logitech.  This doorbell is a $200 piece of junk. Which is a shame. The picture quality was great, it was super easy to install and worked great on the rare occasions it stayed online. My doorbell was on a covered front porch and never in the sun.  I too moved the wifi wireless router right next to the front door.  None of that worked.  I uninstalled it today and am returning it. Very disappointed in Logitech.

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