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Introducing Options+: Upgrade your experience with the next-generation Logitech app for mice & keyboards

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  • Zinn13 Family

    I'm here because with this newest software i cant update settings for my K400r keyboard.  I have a M510 mouse and it shows up right away.  One thing i figured out is if i go to Add a device>Advanced (brings up legacy window)>Advanced - i can see a system map with all 3 logitech products i own inlcluding the keyboard.  I can upair it and then go back to the logitec options 'add a device' prompt and now it will pair (well re-pair, it was paired just not showing in the app) after it sucessfully pairs i'm taken back to the main screen and all I see is my mouse.  Its like i'm supposed to have a keyboard tab and it isnt showing me the tab.

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  • Heyzon Ng


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  • thaufique m

    HI Zinn,

    Thank you for trying out our new Logitech Options+ app, we appreciate that. The products you're referring to is K400r keyboard and M510 mouse is not compatible with Logitech Options+ app, and suggest you to please refer to the link below for compatible devices.

    Feel free to contact us if you have any additional clarifications, and we will be happy to help.

    Thaufique M
    Logi Support.

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