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unable to add circle view to home kit



  • Ja Kin

    Nevermind, I'm sending it back.  Wasn't looking for an hours long project.  Just needed something that worked out of the box and this doesn't.  

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  • Luis Morales

    Same here: just tried to add the CircleView Doorbell to HomeKit.  I get unable to add accessory immediately after scanning the QR code ("try resetting the router".. sigh!).

    Anyone else with this problem -- or better: with a solution to this problem?

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  • Sep Dadsetan

    I've had this issue for 1 month now and have gone back and forth with Logitech support via email with no solution. Unfortunately I'm past the return window now.

    I've examined the network logs and my router logs. It seems that the device is given internet access as I see it on my router device list, but the failure comes with communicating to HomeKit. I've seemingly tried everything and now just waiting (hoping) it's a software issue that will be resolved (either on Logitech or Apple's side).

    I'll paste their instructions for posterity:

    Make sure you remove the doorbell from the home kit before proceeding with the factory reset.

    1. Disconnect your unit from power.
      If your device is currently in its mount, use the included ejector tool and push it into the small circular opening on the bottom right of the device, and press firmly. Once you hear the lock release, you can then carefully remove the main unit from the mount.
      • If your unit is connected to a 5V 2A USB power source via a micro-USB cable, remove the USB power cable from the device.
        Keep the unit disconnected for at least 30 seconds before proceeding to the next step.
    2. Press and hold down the doorbell button and while doing so, plug the USB power cable (connected to a 5V 2A power source back into the device. DO NOT LET GO OF THE BUTTON.
    3. Continue to hold the button as the status LED changes its colors. Let go when you see the rapid blinking magenta Status LED (9+ seconds after applying power).

    You’ll know the reset is successful when you hear two beeps and the unit returns to the ready to pair state (solid green status LED)

    ** NOTE: If you do not hear the two beeps this indicates the reset was unsuccessful, and will need to be reattempted. 
    If your doorbell fails to add to the Home Kit/Reset try the following:

    • Try using a different USB power block and Micro USB Cable
    • Ensure your paring Apple device OS is up to date.
    • Restart the Apple device you are pairing with.
    • Reboot your Apple Hub and your Wifi Router

    Let me know if this resolves your doorbell issue.
    Best regards,
    Logitech Customer Care

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