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Logi circle constantly flashing blue


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  • Martina

    Hi @Sara DeLuca,


    Welcome to the Community!


    Please excuse the late reply. I will try to assist you with your problem that the CIRCLE Home Camera is constantly flashing blue.


    If you still have this problem, please remove the CIRCLE from your account and reset the CIRCLE by pressing the hole behind the CIRCLE camera with a pin. The CIRCLE has to stand on the charging ring while performing the reset. Please press and hold the pin for about 6 seconds. You will hear one beep, please keep pressing until you hear two beeps. The CIRCLE will then re-start. 


    Please make sure you are using the latest CIRCLE App and try to re-connect your App with the CIRCLE. A new firmwareupdate for the CIRCLE will be available. 


    Please let me know if you are still experiencing problems.


    Apologies again for the late reply.


    Warm regards,




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