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Warranty Claim Webpage?



  • Jeffrey2513

    I have the same issue. I think that warranty claims do not exist.

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  • jrosa

    Hello @Christopher Lewis !


    Welcome to the Logitech Community! :) Our team will be happy to help you!


    Please go to:

    and click on the left side of the screen on Create an account, so you can register your Logitech device and create a support ticket , you will be contacted by email by one of our support agents. 

    You will be asked for some personal information for starting your warranty claim and some pictures of the defective part on your device or in case of a functionality or software issue you will be provided some brief troubleshoot steps.


    You can also contact us by phone on : 646 454 3200 



    If you have further questions, please let me know


    Thank you!


    Warm regards,



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  • Genevieve1234
    Hi, I sended a request for a claim. I received an email to confirm you received my request. How long it is to have a response from you? It's been a week. And when I use the link to go online to see my complaint, the website is not responding... Thanks.
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  • Allen 5911

    Ok. Did everything Logitech asked. Got a case number and an email from Logitech telling me I could update my case. Nothing about what they were doing to address my claim. Over a week ago. Zilch. Can't find anything on the webpage that helps at all. I think this is a sham.


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