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your circle service is under maintenance



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  • Greiz

    Hello JosePapo8713,  

    I do understand the inconvenience you have faced when you always get this error message on the Logi Circle app while using your Circle Portable Home Connection Camera. We will be sure to forward this concern to the appropriate product team here at Logitech. 


    Meanwhile, please perform a reset on the Logi Circle camera to help us determine if the issue is with the network connection, the Logi Circle app or the camera itself. Here's how:  

    1.  Locate the pin hole reset button in the back of the camera.
    2. Using a paper clip, press and hold the reset button for 6-seconds until you hear two beeps, then release.
    3. . Your camera will reboot into the setup mode after 20-seconds and the LED will flash blue.
    4. . In your app open the camera settings menu (swipe right) and tap on the camera-plus icon to configure the camera.
    5. . Follow the setup instructions and choose the new Wi-Fi network.   Please uninstall and reinstall the app, if the issue persists.    Let us know if this solves your issue.  
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