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Camera Hacked?


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  • ustol

    Hello @Katie Ferguson - Welcome to the community!


    I assume you are talking about the CIRCLE camera. We have designed the  security protocols of the Logitech Circle security camera to ignore inbound requests from the internet, even if they appear trusted. Circle alone initiates connections to the Internet and only establishes an outbound connection to our authorized servers - a verified, unique, password-protected and encrypted connection.  


    A solid white light means, it's connected and ready to stream. If the white light is blinking someone is watching. The red light would indicate a low battery or a problem with the WiFi connection. The LEDs can be switched off, which might have been done for your second camera.

    To be sure, you can always change the password of your account from the app: Chose the symbol with the shoulders and head (for account) and security. 


    Warm regards,


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