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How to rotate Circle Camera HD



  • laudau

    Hello @Andrew Stein Welcome to the community!


    I will be happy to answer your question about the Circle camera. 


    Unfortunately, it won't be possible to rotate the camera left and right or up and down from the app or the website beta version. 

    This option is not available. 


    The only option possible is to rotate the view 180° degrees. 


    I apologize for the inconvenience. 


    If you have any further questions, please let me know. 


    Warm regards,


    Community Moderator


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  • roverny

    Holy ****, seriously?!


    You can NOT rotate the camera neither vertically nor horizontally via the app??!! Please tell me that's not true!


    I purchased a camera for half the price that allows me to do that!


    What's the point of an IP camera if you can't change what it's looking at?


    Poor poor design.

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  • KorTiger

    Hello... I had this same issue but found a workaround. I have mounted one of my Circle 2 cameras on the ceiling and I also read comments about being able to rotate or invert the image but I couldn't find where to do this. I was frustrated as well until I realized that "you can rotate the camera inside the mount" to get the inverted image or angle that you desire. Pretty smart design actually.


    If you look at the back of the wired camera you will see that they designed the power connector in a circle pattern (no pun intended) and this allows you to physically rotate the camera inside the mount... just be care not to have the alignment marks too close together or your camera might fall out of the mount.


    This is working for me but the installation instructions don't mention this.


    Good luck

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