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Poor Circle wifi and constant disconnects


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  • Martina

    Hi @Brad King,


    Welcome to the Community!


    I will try to assist you with your CIRCLE Home Cameras disconnecting. There has been a firmware and an App-Update recently and I would kindly ask you to check if you have the latest versions. If this did not fix the problem, please try to reset the CIRCLES and connect them to the 5 GHz network and test if they are disconnecting there, too. 


    If your CIRCLE cameras still looses connection I would kindly ask you to login to your account at and create a support ticket. Please state in the ticket the MAC-Addresses of your CIRCLE cameras. I would kindly ask you to send the logfiles via the App and state the date and time you have send them in the support ticket.


    Please excuse any inconveniences.


    Warm regards,




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