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Logi circle not working



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  • Esteban

    Hello @Traci Phillips 


    Welcome to Logitech Community!


    I understand that you would like assistance with your Logitech CIRCLE. I'll be more than happy to assist with this. 


    To troubleshoot, try the basic suggestions:

    "Log in" to your application, "remove the camera" and "Logout"

    1.   Uninstall the application from your mobile device

    2.   Factory reset the camera

    3.   Reinstall the application and follow the setup process

    4.   Update firmware for the Logi Circle camera


    If the problem continues, we need you to please follow the same steps described above using a different mobile device since we want to discard a conflict between the camera and this specific device. If the same issue occurs  we advise you to create a ticket to check the warranty status for your Product at:


    NOTE: Register and log in to your "Logitech Account" create a support ticket


    We hope our reply has been of assistance and has adequately fixed your issue.


    Best regards,



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