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Circle Audio and Movement Detection hidden settings?




  • James3022

    Here's a link to the settings in question as this ridiculous forum won't allow me to post it no matter what res/size I make it (90kb!).


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  • Esteban

    Hello @James Osborne 


    Welcome to Logitech Community! 


    I will be more than happy to answer your concern. 


    The features you are viewing as "read only" are features which must must be purchased. Logitech has subscription plans which give you more access and control of your CIRCLE Camera. 


    Circle Safe™ is a subscription plan that gives Circle users access to additional storage and so much more. There are two Circle Safe™ subscription plans available.  Here's our support link to help you better understand this:



    Should you have any other questions or concerns please refer to our FAQ's support site:



    We hope our reply has been of assistance and has adequately fixed your issue. 


    Best regards,



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