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logi circle auit working wil not come on



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  • Martina

    Hi @Charles Wheeler,


    Welcome to the Community!


    I am sorry to hear that the CIRCLE Home Camera does not power on and I will try to help you fix this problem. Please connect the charging ring to the AC adapter. I would kindly ask you not to use the USB charging at the moment as the camera seems to be fully discharged. Charging with USB can therefore take longer.


    Place the CIRCLE Home Camera on the charging ring. The silver side of the charging ring should face up when placing the CIRCLE on the ring. If the CIRCLE is fully discharged it can take a while until you see the red power light. Should the power light not come on after a certain time, please try to reset the CIRCLE with a paper clip pressing in the hole at the rear end of the CIRCLE. Press for about 6 seconds. First you will hear on beep, keep on pressing until you hear 2 beeps after another. This reset should help to get the CIRCLE back to life.


    Warm regards,




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