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  • Marion

    Hello @Sean Johnson ! Welcome to the community !


    I will be more than happy to assist with your Circle that keeps on beeping.


    In order to solve the issue, please try :

    - turn off the Circle via the off/on switch at the base of the Circle and then turn it back on again ;

    - reset the camera. To do so : 

    1. Locate the pinhole in the back of your Circle camera (on the base).
    2. Insert a paper clip into the pinhole and press the reset button.
    3. Wait for a beep and hold for another 6 seconds until you hear 2 beeps.
    4. Your camera settings should now be reset. NOTE: The camera may go offline in the app. This is expected behavior.
    5. In the Settings menu, tap Add Camera.
    6. Tap OK to confirm that you would like to add another camera to your Circle account. 
    7. Set up your camera again



    Please let us know your feedback on these.


    ?Warm regards,


    Community Moderator


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