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Circle 2 is limited to 720p



  • Marion

    Hello @Esteban Valiente? ! Welcome to the community !


    I will be more than happy to answer your question regarding changing the video resolution of your Circle 2.


    In order to change the resolution, in the Circle app, open the menu > more setting > resolution.



    Please let me know if that works for you.


    ?Warm regards,


    Community Moderator


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  • AppleNUTS
    That option under More Settings is not visible if the Camera Mount is set to the WireFree "default". You first have to set to Always on, exit the menu. Go back and choose custom and then you came see it. This is very clumsy and not intutitive. Custom should not be greyed out and blocked requiring first to select "always on".
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  • Antonio5600

    My workaround has been to use an old version of the iOS app. If I update it by mistake one of these days, I'll lose access to that. What's worse is that my intention is to set the camera for the wirefree default but with 360p, so it hopefully needs LESS bandwidth and battery.

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  • majmitch
    Can't change mine either so let's get this straight the camera is 720p not 1080 as advertised. Not that it matters my footage is either black at night or quite pixellated. Yep my router is about 5 feet away as well.
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  • Jan9880



    When setting the camera to always on, the resolution can be changed to 1080p. When setting it back to default, the resolution goes back to 720p and the setting bar which lets you select the resolution is no longer present in the "more settings" menu.


    How do i set a profile with the same settings as the default camera mount, but with 1080p? If this is not possible today, why is that, and can you please add it?





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