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Camera won't connect to 5.0ghz



  • just1creation

    i was able to connect to 5ghz but sometimes i get disconnected

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  • Darren7291

    I have to be honest I have been connected to 5G since last week with no issues. Not sure why yours will not. Good luck.

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  • just1creation
    okay good to know that 5ghz works! will troubleshoot tonight... thanks
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  • Vince

    Hi @Shay Trotsky?,


    Welcome to the Logitech Community! :) Our team will be happy to help you!


    Could you please provide us the following information to assist you better:

    1. OS info

    2. Device name

    3. Device connection type

    4. SW version ( if installed)



    Thank you!


    Warm regards,



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  • Shay8603

    Hi Logi_Z,


    1. I'm using an iPhone 7 with ios 10.3.3 (14G60).
    2. Not sure what you mean, my iPhone network name? If you are referring to the camera, I'm talking about the brand new Logi Circle 2 of course. Wired model.
    3. Please clarify. I'm using An Asus AC68U router using dual band mode. Some devices are connected to the 2.4g and some to the 5.0g without any issues. It's using the latest firmware as well,
    4. Software version? of what? ios? it's the latest. The camera's firmware? I've updated it to the latest as well, 5.2.70.


    Thank you,




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