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Circle 2 HomeKit - When?



  • KorTiger

    I'm not an expert but Logitech maybe waiting for Apple to release iOS 11 in September to add or enable this capability. Since you would use an Apple TV4 or iPad as your HomeKit hub... both devices may need the newer iOS11 to be compatible with Circle 2 and other new HomeKit compatible products. Logitech might be limited in what they can say publicly at this point. Again.. this is only a guess.


    PS - I also purchased these to replace my old Logitech Alert cameras on the promise that Circle 2 would be Homekit compatible. Fingers crossed!

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  • Maykel6540

    It's "later this year"

    For what KorTiger said, it's already available in iOS 10 ;) There are other Homekit camera (Omna 180 sold in Apple Stores) using it. So it's not restricted by the current OS. It's just that they rushed the released of the Circle 2 before the Homekit update was ready.

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