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Circle 2 "wired" Power over Ethernet (PoE) Mount - make it happen Logitech!



  • pvoy

    Agreed. Wired internet connectivity is vastly superior to WiFi connectivity and my home also has ethernet camera locations already wired.


    A Circle 2 with POE adapter would be my replacement camera solution with its Apple HomeKit compatibility.


    On a related tangent - I am puzzled by battery powered cameras like the Circle 2 wireless and Arlo wireless. Who wants a camera solution - let alone multiple cameras - that have to be continuously removed, charged, and put back.


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  • arozhankov

    This happens when the development of the camera is engaged in a non-professional developer. Such a developer is far from reality.

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  • AVV0553

    Yes. An adapter would be great!


    This is happening to me now:

    As it stands, I have to coil up six feet of Circle 2 USB cable plugged into a Power over Ethernet splitter plugged into my structural ethernet cabling... and that makes for a truly ugly install.


    I also have an area where there is spotty wifi signal but I have 2 POE drops there.


    I do wonder if it's possible to transmit data even through an adapter though, from what I can see it seems like the pins provide only power.

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