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Privacy & Circle vs HomeKit


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  • Logi_Aron

    Hi @Nicholas Ralton?,


    Privacy Mode has no impact on HomeKit because Privacy Mode just disables recordings and HomeKit has no recording ability. Live view is allowed in Privacy Mode in Circle mode.


    On/Off is a little more complicated. We don't currently let the Circle setting On/Off effect HomeKit, because HomeKit has no concept of On/Off for a camera or the ability to change that in the Home App. If we did want to make "off" effect HomeKit, we only have two options. The first option is too make the camera "disappear" from the HomeKit like it lost its WiFi connection. The second option is to mark the camera as "busy" which leads to funny messages in the Home app, such as saying that too many people are viewing the camera, which isn't what you want to see.

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