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Bad microphone/audio on Circle 2



  • Logi_Aron

    Hi @Chan Chau?,


    Can you send an email to, include your account email, and a recording that indicates the problem, and a link to this page. We will then pull diagnostics from your camera and see if we can see anything from that.


    Does the high pitched noise happen when you are remote from the camera? Or only in the same room? Note that you can't listen to the camera live view in the same room as the camera since you will get feedback on the mics unless you have headphones on your phone.


    I have not gotten any reports of a high pitched ringing noise outside the feedback loop mentioned above. Did you remember to remove the thin protective film from the front of the camera?

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  • Hitmon
    Hello Aron, Sounds ****** in hindsight, but yes the protective film was still on. Removing this has improved things greatly. Many thanks for you help.
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