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Circle 2 - Smart Location alerts, 2 iPhones



  • LogiLaurie

    Hello @Colin Bradburne? 


    Sorry to hear that you no longer receive notifications from your Circle camera. Could you please try the following and let us know if it helps?



    If none of these troubleshooting steps resolve your issue, please email<> with the following information:


    -     The mail account and name of camera(s) not receiving the notifications.


    -     Explanation of when you started experiencing the problem (ex. after initial setup, after a firmware update, after an app update, after an OS update). Whether or not you receive notifications from other apps.


    -     Install the Circle app on another mobile device, enable Smart Alerts and let us know if they work on the second device


    -     Submit diagnostics (Settings > Help > Submit diagnostics).


    Thank you!

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  • Bradders99

    Hi Laurie,


    Thank you for replying but I think you misunderstood my issue.


    We both have Smart Alerts enabled and it works, however, if I leave the house but my wife stays home I get alerts telling me that motion has been detected, and vice-versa. Is there no way of the smart alerts knowing that at least one of us is home and to only send alerts to both of us if neither one of us are home?


    Thanks again.

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  • grabjoel

    I have the same complaint. Using an Andriod and an Iphone, both with smart alerts and when my wife is home I'm getting repetitive unnecessary alerts.

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  • Jjriz

    I have this same question. Is there a way to stop alerts if either you or someone else in the house with the app are home?

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  • Craig Marker

    I am going to ask this as well... Logitech needs to essentially mirror the same functionality as Nest.

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