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HELP - Circle 2 Won't Connect to WiFi



  • smpetrey

    I’m having the exact same issue. Nothing seems to help.

    • Restarting
    • Resetting
    • Re-downloading the app
    • Singing in and out
    • Rebooting the router

    I can’t seem to get past the Wi-Fi setup at all, either via the app or via HomeKit.


    Ugh it’s so infuriating.

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  • Beau2603

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    Hi George4087 & smpetrey,


    same here:

    Reset & Re downloaded the Circle App.

    Unmounted the Camera from battery pack.

    Rebooted router.


    I suspect either the type/frequency of the WiFi that our ISP provides or the SW of the Circle cam itself. I'm prepared to send the entire camera back to Logi.



    ISP (provider) Fixed Wireless Access -5G service // max speed 100 Mbps

    access point: Ruckus R510 802.11ac Wave 2

    Router: Mikro TIK routerboard

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  • Donna99

    Same, same, same. Older Circle fine, new Circle 2 with window mount was connected for a few hours, then I went away for the night and it went offline. All personal devices remained connected. Never was able to get it back online. Rebooted router, reset button, powered off, reinstalled app, multiple times. Returned 2 Circle 2's and window mounts, apparently this is not for me. I'm going to look for another solution. HOA will not allow cameras mounted outside.

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  • Richard8886

    Logitech, you  have been selling us junk equipment.  The doorbell camera sucks, the circle2 cams suck. I will never purchase any such equipment bearing the Logitech name as you cannot be trusted to provide decent quality products.

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