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HomeKit Integration Issues - Camera Not Responding



  • ericmadrid ericmadrid

    I’ve been dealing with this as well, since February 2019. I have 2 cameras and typically it’s only one camera that gives me issues and will never show a live stream from HomeKit, only in the LogiCircle app. Today I tried resetting both cameras and now it’s the other camera that won’t show a live stream from HomeKit and the camera that wouldn’t before, is fixed. They switched. Could this imply some sort of priority bandwidth bug? One camera has a dominant connection over the other? I’m surprised there is still no fix or acknowledgement for this issue other than generic, useless, troubleshooting tips that just assume the end user is doing something wrong. 

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  • shannon_f shannon_f

    Hey Stuart and Eric, I found this thread because I was having the same problem. I’m just now dealing with HomeKit integration with my Logi Circle and found that the live view worked after switching the camera resolution from 1080 to 720. Maybe it was coincidental but the problem went away after switching. I’d be curious to know if the same thing helps y’all!

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  • SDE888

    Exactly the same problem. One works, the other does not stream in Homekit. Both on V8.0.48, Very frustrating !

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