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Smart Location not working properly


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  • Logi_Aron

    There's a few reasons that you might be running into issues. It might take a little bit more troubleshooting back and forth, so it'd be good to use the "Contact Us" from the Android app. That will also send diagnostics at the same time. What would be best is to run into the problem first and then submit while making note of the time in the description you experienced the issue..


    One other thing that can also effect Smart Location on a Nexus 6P is the battery saver mode. This can prevent the app from being able to get notified when you'd come near the camera or away from the camera, or prevent the app from telling the services about the change. Try running without battery saver if you have that on, at least to troubleshoot. Also check other power saving or battery optimization settings. You can see if you can whitelist the Logi Circle app as well.


    Note that if you are having battery drain problems, Google is actually swapping out Nexus 6P for Pixel XL


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