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Wire-free Circle 2 camera motion sensor triggering multiple times an hour and draining the battery



  • Logi_Aron

    We have a test firmware available which fixes the original power drain issue with 5.6.28, would you like us to load that on your camera? If so, post the MAC address.

    In general the PIR motion can be triggered by things other than motion, such as cars, heat sources or direct/indirect sunlight such as snow. Would you be willing to post a screenshot from what your camera is looking at?

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  • Gorskon

    First, I just went through a hellacious experience with firmware 5.6.28, which basically bricked my wire-free Circle 2. Basically, it caused a state in which it was impossible to arouse the camera from its low-energy state. I don't want to go into the details here, but check case no. 07662093 from customer support for the gory details. After nearly a month, I finally got my cameras downgraded back to v.5.2. You'll understand, then, why any solution involving any flavor of firmware v.5.6 is one that I'm very skeptical of, having had to go through a long exchange with customer service to get the problem resolved. Why would I risk having that happen again?


    As for an image. Sure, I'll attach a day and night shot.




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