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Circle 2 Wire-Free Camera Does Not Detect Motion Through Window



  • SteveRPenny

    The camera picking stuff up through a window is the bane of my life, so it should definitely work.


    As its sat close to the glass there may be an issue with glare or reflection. We have one of those anti-glare/privacy films over the window and it work fine with that applied, so I'd recommend getting some from Amazon or a local hardware store, applying that to the window and trying it then.


    We've had both the slightly darkened film, as well as the opaque ones, and the camera works fine with both and easily identifies movement across and in front of the window.

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  • Christian4906

    On the FAQ page on the website, it is stated there that


    "If you're using the Circle 2 Wired camera or placing the camera on the Window and Plug mounts, motion detection will work through glass. If you're using the Wire-Free camera, it relies on a low-power sensor for motion detection that doesn't work through glass."


    I moved the camera outside and everything works fine now.

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