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MX Master 2S can't re-connect by Bluetooth after wake up




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    Hi Zhu Pioneer

    Thank you for reaching out to Logitech!

    We are here to help you with your MX MASTER 2S. 

    To isolate the issue with the mouse, could you try to remove and re-pair the mouse to your computer? 

    Does the same thing happens with other computer?


    Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have other concerns.

    Warm regards,



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  • Cash at Folsom

    Wish I could help you, but just chiming in to say I'm seeing the same issue with my Anywhere MX 2s when using Bluetooth on my Windows 10 laptop lately. Very frustrating.

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  • Cash at Folsom

    Okay, turns out maybe I can help.  This is a hacky workaround to "solve" the issue for now, but ultimately I believe it will take an update to Logitech drivers and/or firmware, Bluetooth LE drivers, or a Windows Update.  Speaking of, I believe this may be tied to recent changes to how Windows handles Bluetooth LE devices [ ].  I do not show the error indicated there, but Windows did recently make changes to treatment of LE devices like these mice, and I began witnessing this behavior after taking the 1903 Windows update, so I believe it may be related.

    Anyway, my workaround is as follows:

    I used a PowerShell script found on Stack Exchange [ ].  I saved it as a ps1 file as indicated, and created a batch file as indicated, with the following lines:

    powershell -command .\bluetooth.ps1 -BluetoothStatus Off
    powershell -command .\bluetooth.ps1 -BluetoothStatus On

    Make sure the ps1 filename is correct if you named it something else.  Also make certain that you have Set-ExecutionPolicy set to unrestricted in PowerShell as linked in the Stack Exchange post [ ], as it is restricted by default.

    For true seamlessness, I used Bat to Exe Converter [ ] to turn the batch file into an invisible exe.

    I kept all these files together on my hard drive (although once making the exe you could delete the batch file, as it does nothing once converted), and placed a shortcut to the exe in the Windows Startup folder (if you're not sure where it is, press Win+R and enter "shell:common startup" without quotes).

    The end result is that whenever a user logs in to Windows, the exe invisibly "jiggles the handle" of the Bluetooth connection, which allows my Bluetooth LE mouse to connect without further input from the user.

    Hope this helps.

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