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Setting up PRO X Gaming Headset with G HUB

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  • Rodrigo8405


  • 기훈5672

    지허브 앱을 다운받고 실행을 하면 무한로딩이 되는데 어떤방법이 없을까요 삭제해서 다시깔아보기도하고 네이버에 있는 방법들 여러가지 해봤는데 다 안되네요.. 3달전부터 무한로딩이 있는것같은데 고쳐주세요

  • YOGA1033

    Hii, my Name is Yoga

    i am from Indonesia.

    3 days ago, i buy Logitech G Pro X Headset and my first impression i really like with this headset,

    but after i play Player's Unknown Battleground the sound that came out from game play was very bad, not in accordance with the settings that I made, the sound was very low. but after I tried playing another game the sound that came out in accordance with the settings that I have. and its not happen just only to me, after i read some post from some website discussion had same problem. hopefully this problem can solved soon.

    i love this Headset sound, is very extremely power full. but sadly is the sound not work properly when Playing Player's Unknown Battleground.

    Looking forward hear a good news from you 

    Kind Regard



  • MauritsBurgers0671

    So I've been using my G Pro X for a few days now and the sound got really quiet and flat. I don't know what to do. I can return it for repair but then I have to wait long for it to return. Ive seen people saying to reinstall Ghub but that hasnt helped yet.

  • Giacomo Boccardo

    Step 8: sacrifice a goat

    Step 9: draw a pentacle using its blood

    Step 10: summon another headset!

  • iMIk

    With G-hub not far from truth.

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