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    Praveen R

    Hi there,

    Thanks for reaching us. We see that you have contacted our support team previously with the same concern. Kindly confirm, if the issue has been resolved.

    If you need further assistance with this concern, we are just an email away when you need us.


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  • compadre

    Not sure same issue like me. Still X-posting from the HSV thread as from the title it seems same. Sadly not solution

    TL,DR: Circle will likely end in the bin. Logitech does not care about costumer. Don't be me, don't buy any Logitech product


    • Update to Homekit went well
    • No connection so removed the camera
    • cannot be re added, stuck on green light but cannot be found - tried everything i can think off
    • open support ticket
    • support ask me again simple steps i tried several times, with no help
    • I tried not limited too already before: delete home from all devices, reset mobile, disable one or the other hub, disable mesh router and use only one, resets in between, etc etc - and no, it never could be found again
    • support suggest to downgrade but even can't say it connects to internet, surely that fails
    • support asks to pair with circle app, surely does not work either as stuck on green led
    • support asks for my details and proof of pay
    • send everything over
    bought over Amazon in Europe, seems the seller was though not from country I live in but in European union so same customs area as also in Schengen (not sure how that works in the US, but in Europe you often may not even know who is the seller and where it comes from as it shows mainly prime products and you buy prime)
    • the support let me know that they can only sent it to the country of the seller, even in same customs union. surely that does not help me at all.
    •!Support is totally ignorant on my explanation
    • I give it some days and then throw it in the bin if no further feedback, plus spending the equivalent of costs i put into the circle in time to spread the word against Logitech products afterwards....
    • hope dies last, but if no further update this is how it seems to end

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