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Horizontal scroll didn't work on Whale browser.




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    Hi Benoker,


    Thank you for reaching Logitech! Apologies for not providing a prompt response. Allow us to assist you with your MX Master 2 and 3 concern.

    It appears that the Whale Browser that you have is not supported by the Logitech Options Software and the both the mice. What we can recommend you to do is add them in the "Application Specific Settings" of Logitech Options for the feature to work properly.

    That way, anytime you open or use your browser, it will be able to function as normal as it should be.

    If you have further inquiry, please do not hesitate to reach back to us or contact our support team for direct assistance.




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  • 베노커

    Hi again, thank you for your replay.

    We tried to apply your recommendation, but unfortunately, Whale program on "Application Specific Settings" not worked.
    Whale cannot receive any WM_MOUSEWHEELH window message when Logitech option running.

    Whale is browser based on chromium engine likes Chrome and Microsoft Edge. 
    Could you check any supported for Whale?

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