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@Logi - Easy Switch; MX Keys and MX Master 3 - Switch M OUSe & Keyboard with KVM buttons on MX Keys




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    Dear Customers,

    Thank you for reaching out to us. We really appreciate this kind of feedback to help us improve.

    Our current solution for people who want to switch both the keyboard and the mouse at the same time is to use our Flow software.

    The Logitech Flow Multi-Device Control and Easy File Sharing Software allows the mouse to control the switching between two computers in a fluid way. When your cursor reaches the end of one screen, it will switch to the next computer as if you were using two screens on a single computer, and the keyboard follows. Based on the feedback we get from users, it seems that people really enjoy this functionality.

    Your suggestion is a good idea for people who cannot install the Flow software and we will consider this in our future developments.

    The main challenge is the need to build some kind of integration using Bluetooth, and the current Bluetooth protocol will require us to design some significant workarounds, including a new hardware redesign.

    Although we can't commit to a timeline yet, please know that your feedback has been prioritized by our engineers as a feature request. We'll provide periodic updates on our progress in the Community.

    Best regards,

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  • Snoopey

    Come on Logitech. Get this fixed!

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  • Alan D

    @ Logi_Elie - Please don't mark this thread "Answered" or close it as "Officially Commented". As mentioned in this thread and others, this issue has not been "Answered".

    This is another thread on the same issue that was opened by some very unhappy customers here because we aren't getting an answer, and we feel like we have been brushed off on this issue with cut-and-paste answers.

    Please leave this issue open for a while to allow proper tracking by Logitech and providing an active feedback with your customers. You state above that we should let you know if we need further assistance ... and we do.



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  • Shahid K

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    When you are trying to connect a second computer through Easy Switch, the connection is made through either Unifying Receiver or using Bluetooth connection. In both these connections, the mouse/keyboard is connected to only one computer at a time. There will be no simultaneous connections with any other computers. Whereas in Flow, the computers are connected through a single network and the switching to another computer does not require any manual intervention for the keyboard or mouse, 

    You can work on multiple computers with your MX Keys keyboard. With a Flow-enabled Logitech mouse, such as MX Master 3, you can work and type on multiple computers with the same mouse and keyboard using Logitech Flow technology.

    You can use the mouse cursor to move from one computer to the next. MX Keys keyboard will follow the mouse and switch computers at the same time. You can even copy and paste between computers. You will need to install Logitech Options software on both computers and follow the instructions.

    Do not hesitate to let us know if you have any further questions.


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  • James Wuerch

    Flow can switch the keyboard and mouse when it reaches the edge of the screen.  At a minimum, add an option to Flow so that it's also an option to just press the button on the keyboard.

    I have flow installed on both computers, but it's not reliable at detecting the edge, and Flow also assumes that you have two monitors that are roughly the same size and side by side.  I have one computer with monitors stacked, and the other is a single monitor, and it's fairly random where the mouse cursor ends up when switching between computers.

    So please note there are TWO issues in this thread, one is people who can't install Flow, and the other are people that have Flow installed and want the same support in Flow that exists for the mouse to exist for the keyboard, in that there's an option to have the keyboard instead of the mouse control switching.

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  • roberto

    I have bought mx keys and mx master 3 for the easy switch between three computers.

    Both devices are great but it will be even greater if we can switch the keyboard and the mouse with a single button on the keyboard. It is a pain in the ass to flip the mouse and click several times to switch between 1 to 3 or 2 to 1

    In a setup with two computers, the m585 is easier to use for switching since it has a button on the top of the mouse which is strange for a mouse of 40 euros

    I have enabled flow on each computer to but it is not really a good solution for several reasons. Detecting that the mouse has crossed the edge of the screen takes time giving an impression of lag. Moreover sometimes, it is not intended. I know that we can add the ctrl key to prevent that. In addition if the second computer is in a sleep mode, it takes more time to come back with flow.

    It will be great if flow can at least use the keyboard key to switch both devices for a temporary solution.
    It will be even better if we can switch both devices without having flow installed on the computers.

    A nice improvement will be to allow customizing some fn keys to switch on a fourth device



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  • Bruno Bragatto

    Logitech is failing miserably to attend their customers. PERIOD!

    There's a post from one year ago where the Logitech employee used the excuse of their internal policy to justify the fact that they simply don't care about the community's suggestion.

    So my comment is based either for this post and that one.



    It's been a year since this Idea was shared for the first time by J MAC and 7 months since Mathieu Grosbee created this post. The only official position of Logitech is "well... maybe we'll share this idea with our team and maybe that team will do something about it. Simply because we didn't ask you for your opinion, and we don't necessarily really care about your ideas...". SUCH ARROGANCE!

    And Reading to the Unsolicited Submission Policy is DISGUSTING! (

    "Logitech or any of its employees do not accept or consider unsolicited ideas, including ideas for new products, product improvements, new technologies, processes, materials, services, advertising or promotion campaigns, marketing, or new product names. Please do not submit any unsolicited ideas, suggestions, proposals, comments, or materials in any form to Logitech or any of its employees."

    This is offensive! It's like to say to your customers that you don't even care about their ideas and  you literally don't want to hear it!
    Customers nowadays want and NEED a more close contact to the companies, to the development and design teams.

    It's SIMPLE! It's a straightforward and easy to deploy feature. No one here is asking you money, credits or even a simple mention. Just to take this idea and develop something in that direction.

    What everyone here is asking is just to add this feature! PERIOD!

    I'm using the Logitech Craft Keyboard from a few hours ago (YES! Just bought it!) and the leak of this feature DROVE ME CRAZY! The combo Logitech Craft + MX Vertical would be AMAZING if some simple already suggested feature was at least decently considered from Logitech.

    Let's first talk about Logitech Flow: It can be great feature IF AND ONLY IF your security Wi-Fi policies allow it and let me say that: Logitech Flow can raise some security concerns for any seriously security oriented environment (not only in a business but also at home), even considering that the data is encrypted from peer to peer.

    You should take this amazing FEEDBACK seriously, not only as a potentially very nice feature that it really is, but also as valid alternative to the already existing feature "Keyboard Link" within the Logitech Flow.

    And take everything that I wrote here as a FEEDBACK considering also your pathetic and disgusting Unsolicited submissions policy: "Although Logitech cannot accept your unsolicited submissions, we do welcome your feedback regarding our existing products.".

    So PLEASE: take this as a Feedback, roll up your sleeves AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

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  • Karl Coleman

    Found this post when I was about to pose the same idea/question in a new post (included below). Before I read all these comments I was just considering returning the MX Master 3 and going with the Triathlon, but now I'm considering returning the MX Keys as well and researching combos from other companies instead. If I find a product that does what we all want  (which is basically just a wireless KVM) before Logitech figures it out, I will come back to this forum and advertise what I found.

    Original Almost Post

    Logitech's Triathlon M720 has the switcher button by the two thumb buttons with the 1, 2, 3 device indicators on the top of the mouse, so I don't understand why the MX Master 3 switcher button is on the bottom. I was mislead in my research thinking that the "Gesture button" on the thumb could be programmed to switch devices. Some of the other features are not as nice, but I'm considering returning the MX Master 3 and going with the Triathlon just for this one simple design difference. I want to use the mouse with my personal and work computers and Flow doesn't work for me since my work computer is on VPN to the office where I have no firewall control. I just don't want to have to pick up the mouse to switch especially since this action takes two hands and my visual focus (poor design). And then I have to switch the keyboard separately.


    This wouldn't be a big deal if using the switcher on the MX Keys would cause the mouse to follow, but I haven't been able to figure it out. Is that possible? Are there any other options that might help me be able to switch devices the way I want? Please help.


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  • Matthew Wood

    Hi Logitech - fine, if you can't make the software flow without having to download software, then please start advertising this in your product features. You can't sell the dream and then not fulfil it. Very disappointing...

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  • JR C

    is this supported these days? I am NOT looking to use Flow. I have a windows corporate machine and a personal Mac. I want what the titles is requesting. Push the button. Both devices switch. Simple as that.

    I am looking to purchase the new version but I am not sure if that has been implemented. Normally out in the world, we see bad products with okay or great support. This is the inverse. Great product. And Sad support. Period.

    On this post, someone was able to show that it may be possible. Why can't we get this implemented after all these years?

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