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CIRCLE VIEW No Response on HomeKit




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    Jennifer D

    Hi there, 

    Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear about your experience with Circle view. I see that you have already logged a ticket. We'd love to keep the conversation going directly with the Support Team. Please feel free to get back to us if you have any further clarification and we will be happy to assist you. 


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  • SM

    Do you have any special setup on your WiFi router? Some HomeKit devices can experience connectivity issues with VLANs or subnets if the Bonjour protocol is blocked or unsupported.

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  • Dor Barhoom

    I have linksys mx5
    With WiFi 6

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  • Andre1808

    Which device are you using as a HUB? AppleTV or HomePod?

    If you don't have any HUB, will never works.

    HUB is required to stream the video to icloud and to turn on the record capabilities. Is not as the Logi Circle 2, now is 100% apple oriented.

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  • ashley ballester

    Having the same issue ,

    it helps if your wifi network can be split into two (2.4kz and 5hz) the cameras can only run on 2.4. All WiFi routers merge these together to give the best results. But sadly this makes the circle view have issues. 

    I split mine and got better results but its still very glitchy, keeps dropping off line every few days 

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