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    Noble G


    Thanks for reaching out. 

    The function you are looking for is not available as of now. We'll pass along your suggestion to our team to check out. Let us know if there is anything else we can share with them or if you ever have any questions any time in the future. 



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  • alexandre wust

    I have the exact same request to be able to use easy switch with both MX Anywhere 2 mouse and MX Keys keyboard

    My company blocks Flow with their firewall, so it would be very nice to be able to switch mouse and keyboard together to the same chanel from the easy switch buttons of the keyboard

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  • Reinhard Melzer

    same question / same request 

    I am using "Logitech MX keys" and "Logitech MX Master 3" (both Win10 and macOS) and want to switch both keyboard and mouse with the keyboard "easy-switch" function. 

    As I think it works fine with the "Logitech flow" Option that both mouse and keyboard are switched from one device to another. So - please Noble G  check this out with your team - why doesn't this work with the "logitech easy switch" function?


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  • Arthur Hartmann

    I also join this question. I just have bought a combo MX keys and MX Master 3 and thought that it is natural that I can switch both devices by pressing just one key.

    Thank you for your support in advance.

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  • 대현 곽


    I use K860 and MX Vertical Mouse.
    I want to switch mouse and keyboard with a single click of a switch button.

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  • Mitch Kavney

    +1 this is 100% the biggest disappointment of the Logitech MX Series. I have a logitech MX Vertical and MX Keys both connected to two computers using unifying receivers - I should be able to use the keyboard button to switch computers without having to use the button on the bottom of the mouse

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  • Pierre-Luc Bertrand

    Noble G Any updates on this feature?

    Thank you!

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  • Drew Bostock

    OMG yes!!! THIS.

    I've reverted to having a second mouse on my desktop so I can click the button on the MX Keys and then just use the other mouse instead of turning my MX Master 3 over and clicking the single button multiple times to the right connection.

    Often my computers are on two separate networks (one one a VPN), so Flow won't work in that circumstance.

    When my computers are on the same network, I've found Flow to be very unreliable. I use the "Hold Ctrl and move to the edge of the screen" method to prevent unintended transfers, but the amount of time I spend holding Ctrl and mashing the mouse against the side of the screen over and over to get it to switch leaves me saying bad words.

    Stop the bad words, Logitech. Please?

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  • JZ

    Please make this feature. Or at least a workaround... F.E. button could work for the keyboard AND mouse between different unifying controllers or mouse thumb button should let remap functionality to switch devices...

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  • Rich Day

    Seeing as auto-switching between machines using flow can take both keyboard and mouse this should be a straightforward bit of functionality to add.


    Can't believe this isn't already a thing. Please, please, please Logitech - add this!

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  • JiPi31

    A copy of my comment to related topics (there are many) : 

    Same as several people here. 

    In the products description, both Easy Switch and Flow seems to be related in your wording. 

    Conceptually, both are very close. 

    It is clearly misleading us in our purchase (should be part of a FAQ as so many people have misunderstood this). 

    Flow is fine as it is, but two cons: 

    1. there's a kind of latency from switching from the profile 1 (Unify one) and the other profiles (Bluetooth ones)... quite nullifying the experience... 
    2. this kind of feature helps a lot in a Work From Home scenario. and in WFH situation, we are more likely using company's VPN and unfortunately, Flow is not working at all in that case... that's why the use of Easy Switch for linked keyboard/mouse couple is a must-have !
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  • Tyler Slater

    Really struggling to understand why this wasn't an obvious feature? I bought both products thinking that with all the flow features and dedicated buttons, that this was the whole point!!!!

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  • Prem L

    Hi Tyler,
    Thank you for your feedback. We will pass this along to our team. We always want to ensure we are providing our customers with the best products and experience. Let us know if there is anything else in the future we can do to assist.

    For the time being, please use the workaround in the link:
    Prem L
    Logi Support

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